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Your responsibilities as a developer

Note  This information refers to features that are available when the Use advanced tools general preference is selected. See Using advanced tools.

Abiding by the license agreement

The FileMaker Pro Advanced license agreement allows you royalty-free distribution of an unlimited number of FileMaker Pro Advanced runtime database solutions. However, there are several terms and conditions in the license agreement you must abide by, including the following:

You must provide all of the end-user technical support.

You must provide an "About" layout that includes your name, address, and the telephone number for your technical support.

Note  You must read and agree to the terms and conditions of the FileMaker Pro Advanced license agreement, available through the FileMaker Pro Advanced installer, before using the FileMaker Pro Advanced software.

Choosing to let FileMaker repair customer files

FileMaker, Inc., has established procedures for repairing files. If a customer complies with these procedures, then FileMaker may supply a repaired file to the customer.

Note  FileMaker does not recover account names and passwords.

If you distribute database files with passwords or you have removed full access privileges and do not want FileMaker to repair a file for a customer who requests this service, you must:

1. Notify your customers in writing and keep a record of such notice that your database solution contains passwords or data that can only be provided by you.

2. Every file in your runtime database solution must contain an About layout accessible from any layout in the database.

See Documenting developer solutions.

3. The layout name must begin with the word "About."

4. The About layout must contain these items:

solution name

your company name and contact information

your support policy (for example, how and when you are available for technical support)

5. The About layout must contain this exact warning:

"USER WARNING: This database solution contains password(s) that can only be provided by the Developer identified above."

6. If full access privileges have been permanently removed from your database solution by selecting the Remove admin access from files permanently option in the Developer Utilities, then the About layout must contain this exact warning:

"USER WARNING: This file is not customizable. Contact the above named Developer for information on customizing this database solution."

The accounts and privileges protection in a FileMaker file should not be viewed as an absolute barrier that will prevent a customer from accessing files. FileMaker cannot guarantee that a customer will not be able to identify or bypass the password through third-party solutions or tools. Therefore, FileMaker recommends that you take appropriate steps to protect your consulting and development efforts without relying solely upon the password.

If you have a dispute with your customer, you must resolve this dispute directly with the customer. FileMaker is unable to, and will not, attempt to resolve such disputes.

Note  Creator codes should be registered with Apple Inc. to verify that the creator code you choose is unique. You may use the .fmpur five-character extension because FileMaker has registered the fFmp creator code with Apple Inc. Contact Apple Developer Support or visit their website at to register any other creator codes.

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