Publishing databases on the web > Publishing data on static webpages

Publishing data on static webpages

With static publishing, you export data to a webpage, then add the webpage to your existing website. Web users connect to your website, not to your database.

Static publishing might be a good option for you if:

your data doesn’t change often

you don’t have full-time Internet access

you don’t want users to connect directly to your database

To publish static data, you need:

a website hosted on a web server

a computer connected to the Internet or an intranet (you only need to connect when you upload your webpage to a web server)

an application for copying (uploading) files to your web server application

Note  Static webpages cannot use FileMaker Pro access privileges for protection. For security options, see your web server documentation or check with your ISP or network administrator.

To publish static data from FileMaker Pro:

1. Follow steps 1-12 of Exporting data from FileMaker Pro Advanced to export an HTML table or XML file.

Export an HTML table to generate a table of data that can be viewed by supported web browsers. You can customize the appearance in a text editing or web authoring application.

Export an XML file if you’d like to programmatically change the appearance of the data.

2. Copy the new webpage to your web server.

3. Add links from existing webpages to your new webpage.