XML web publishing settings
XML web publishing settings
Note  The following information is for server administrators.
When you configure web publishing settings, Admin Console prompts you to restart the Web Publishing Engine after you save changes to settings. This makes all web published databases unavailable to web users while the Web Publishing Engine restarts.
Important  Change web publishing settings only when the Web Publishing Engine is not being used. Web publishing clients can lose unsaved work when the Web Publishing Engine restarts.
To specify XML Publishing settings:
1. Click the Web Publishing > XML tab.
2. Select Enable XML publishing to allow FileMaker Server to generate XML data from hosted databases based on query commands and parameters.
If you enable this setting, FileMaker recommends that you use SSL for database connections with a custom SSL certificate installed.
Disabling XML does not affect your ability to use the FileMaker API for PHP, but could affect the connectivity of other third-party web technologies.
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