PHP web publishing settings
PHP web publishing settings
Note  The following information is for server administrators.
When you configure web publishing settings, Admin Console prompts you to restart the Web Publishing Engine after you save changes to settings. This makes all web published databases unavailable to web users while the Web Publishing Engine restarts.
Important  Change web publishing settings only when the Web Publishing Engine is not being used. Web publishing clients can lose unsaved work when the Web Publishing Engine restarts.
Custom Web Publishing with PHP enables PHP web applications to access data using the FileMaker API for PHP. You can configure how the Web Publishing Engine responds to the API.
For information about hosting a PHP website, see Hosting websites. For information about creating a PHP website and using the FileMaker API for PHP, see FileMaker Server Custom Web Publishing Guide.
To specify PHP Publishing settings:
1. Click the Web Publishing > PHP tab.
2. Select Enable PHP publishing.
Note  If you enable this setting, FileMaker recommends that you use SSL for database connections with a custom SSL certificate installed.
Do this
Enable pre-validation of record data on the web server
Select Enable record data pre-validation.
Enables the FileMaker API for PHP to validate record data before committing a record to the Database Server. To use this feature, your PHP code must call the validate() method where necessary and respond to validation errors.
Select the default character encoding
For Default Character Encoding, choose an encoding.
The encoding you choose should match the encoding you use in the <head> section of your PHP files.
The PHP default language is Latin-1. The FileMaker Server default is Unicode. Use UTF-8 if your data contains non-Latin characters.
The Default Character Encoding setting may not be applied if you use your own version of PHP rather than the FileMaker Server supported version of PHP. If you use your own version of PHP, you could update the php.ini file to set the default character encoding (default_charset) or set the default character set directly in your PHP source files (charset).
Select the PHP publishing error message language
For Language, choose a language for error messages returned by the FileMaker API for PHP.
Note  The FileMaker API for PHP and a supported PHP engine must be installed on the master machine for Custom Web Publishing with PHP to work. See Enabling technologies for data sharing and web publishing.
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