FileMaker WebDirect settings
FileMaker WebDirect settings
Note  The following information is for server administrators.
When you configure web publishing settings, Admin Console prompts you to restart the Web Publishing Engine after you save changes to settings. This makes all web published databases unavailable to web users while the Web Publishing Engine restarts.
Important  Change web publishing settings only when the Web Publishing Engine is not being used. Web publishing clients can lose unsaved work when the Web Publishing Engine restarts.
To specify FileMaker WebDirect settings:
1. Click the Web Publishing > FileMaker WebDirect tab.
2. Select Enable FileMaker WebDirect.
Do this
Set the database session timeout value
Set the number of minutes for Session Timeout.
The Web Publishing Engine disconnects users who have been inactive for the specified timeout period.
All FileMaker WebDirect solutions use database sessions, even for users that log in using administrator accounts. So all FileMaker WebDirect sessions are affected by the session timeout setting.
Select the status area label language
For Status Area Language, select the language that FileMaker WebDirect will use if the language on the client’s operating system is not supported.
See FileMaker WebDirect Guide.
Note  In a multiple-machine deployment, changes to these settings apply to the master machine only. On the worker machines, these settings remain the installation default settings.
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