Configuring administrator group settings
Configuring administrator group settings
Note  The following information is for server administrators.
If you work in an organization that has a large number of databases, it may take some time for you to respond to all of the user requests for changes to databases, schedules, or scripts. You can eliminate these delays and reduce your workload by delegating database administration tasks to other users.
1. Create an administrator group of the databases for each department. Administrator groups enable you to retain exclusive and complete control of FileMaker Server, while delegating database administration tasks. See Managing administrator groups.
2. Specify which database administration tasks group administrators can perform by selecting FileMaker Server administrator group privileges. See FileMaker Server administrator group privileges.
For example, if your company has several departments such as Sales, Finance, and Marketing, each department may have users who develop their own FileMaker Pro databases that are hosted on FileMaker Server. You can create administrator groups for the Sales, Finance, and Marketing departments, then grant privileges to users who will be group administrators and will manage their group’s databases, schedules, and scripts.
Note  You can allow members of an external authentication group to log in to an administrator group. See External authentication for Admin Console and administrator groups.
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