FileMaker clients settings
FileMaker clients settings
Note  The following information is for server administrators.
To specify FileMaker clients settings, click the Database Server > FileMaker Clients tab.
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Set the maximum number of simultaneous FileMaker Pro clients that can access databases hosted by FileMaker Server
Select Limit number of FileMaker Pro client connections and enter a number.
FileMaker Server allows an unrestricted number of simultaneous FileMaker Pro client connections for clients that are not using a User Connections License.
Note  Most operating systems impose their own limits on the number of network connections and open files that a process may use. This operating system limit sets the effective limit on the number of simultaneous client connections.
Tip  The memory requirements of FileMaker Server are directly related to the number of connected FileMaker Pro clients, open files, and the size of database cache. If your server has large numbers of clients or files, you can increase the amount of RAM reserved for the database cache to improve performance. See Database settings.
Set the maximum idle time for FileMaker clients
Select Set maximum idle time allowed for FileMaker clients (minutes), then enter the time in minutes.
In FileMaker Pro, you should edit privilege sets to enable the option Disconnect user from FileMaker Server when idle. Because you can set this option on a privilege set basis, certain users will be disconnected while other users always maintain their connections.
Note  Because clients who are disconnected have to reopen the files, make sure the idle time is long enough to avoid frequent disconnections.
Set the maximum number of simultaneous script sessions
Select Maximum Simultaneous Script Sessions to control how many scripts can be performed simultaneously on the host by clients using Perform Script on Server. If the setting is zero or the number of sessions has already reached the limit specified in Maximum Simultaneous Script Sessions, the FileMaker client trying to execute Perform Script on Server receives an error.
While a script specified by Perform Script on Server is running, it behaves like a scheduled FileMaker script. The script appears in the list of clients and any scripting errors are logged. See FileMaker Pro Help.
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