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Removing Admin access to databases (FileMaker Pro Advanced)
You can use the Developer Utilities to remove all administrative accounts from a file.
Important  Selecting this option permanently deletes from the database all accounts that were using the Full Access privilege set. This will permanently eliminate access to Layout mode, the Script Workspace, and the Manage Security dialog boxes except the Extended Privileges tab. This includes all database files in the solution, whether opened in a runtime application or in FileMaker Pro or FileMaker Pro Advanced. Structural and design elements of the files cannot be recovered. The only way to modify the tables, field definitions, relationships, scripts, or access privileges is by returning to the original file before it was customized by the Developer Utilities.
To remove Admin access to a database:
1. Close all of your database files that you are going to customize.
2. Choose Tools menu > Developer Utilities.
3. If you have used the Developer Utilities on the same database before and saved your settings, click Load Settings.
4. Click Add to locate the files that you want to customize.
5. If you add multiple files, double-click a file in the list to specify the primary file.
6. Select Developer Utilities settings as required. See Setting up files for developer solutions (FileMaker Pro Advanced).
7. For Solution Options, click Specify. See Specifying options for developer solutions (FileMaker Pro Advanced).
8. Select Remove admin access from files permanently and click OK.
When you remove admin access:
Users can’t access these dialog boxes: Manage Database, Manage External Data Sources, Manage Custom Functions, and most of Manage Security.
Users can access the dialog boxes listed above if they run a script that is set to run with full access privileges. See Creating and editing scripts.
The text version of custom functions is removed.
Users can access the Extended Privileges tab in Manage Security if their account has the Manage extended privileges option enabled.
Users can access Layout mode and the Script Workspace if the privilege set assigned to their account permits it.
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