Creating a FileMaker Pro file from a Starter Solution
FileMaker Pro comes with Starter Solutions, professionally designed FileMaker Pro files and web pages for performing common personal and business tasks such as managing contacts, expenses, invoices, meetings, and employee records. Using the layouts in a Starter Solution, you can save time and effort in planning and designing your own solution.
The Starter Solutions include iPad and iPhone layouts for designing iOS solutions. To learn more about each Starter Solution, visit
To create a database using a Starter Solution:
Choose File menu > New from Starter Solution.
If no solutions are displayed, see the notes below.
Windows: For Save as type, select FileMaker Files. If you don't type a file extension, FileMaker Pro adds .fmp12 to the filename. (To view file extensions in Windows, see Windows Help and Support.)
Click Save.
FileMaker Pro creates the file on your disk, and the file opens. The pre-designed solution contains fields and buttons set up for tasks that are commonly performed, but it contains no data.
Click New Record in the status toolbar to add data to the file.
To create a new file in the Launch Center window, click New, and choose New Solution or choose New from Starter Solution. See Opening files.
If you don’t see the FileMaker Starter Solutions, they are not installed. You can install the Starter Solutions by specifying the English language pack when you perform a custom installation of FileMaker Pro over your existing installation. For more information about installing FileMaker Pro, see Installation and New Features Guide for FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Pro Advanced. If you do not have your software download or installation media, visit and download Starter Solutions individually. If you want Starter Solutions to be available when you choose File menu > New from Starter Solution, place them in one of the following locations:
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