Setting font preferences
Use font preferences to set the default font for a particular input type as well as other font options.
Input types are scripts that categorize languages according to their writing systems. For example, the Western/Roman input type is used for English, French, Italian, and other languages. Chinese has two main input types: Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese.
To set font preferences:
Windows: Choose Edit menu > Preferences.
OS X: Choose FileMaker Pro menu > Preferences.
Click the Fonts tab, and then set the options you want to use.
Select Synchronize input method with font on field entry.
Note  You can also set the input method for individual fields in layouts. For more information, see Setting the text input method for fields.
Select Use Font Locking.
Note  Selecting Use Font Locking is only necessary if you use fields that contain multiple input types, such as Roman and Japanese text within the same field. If you’re not mixing input types in fields, then leave this option cleared. Data entry and editing is a little faster when font locking is turned off.