Save Records As Snapshot Link
Saves a set of found records to a FileMaker Pro Snapshot Link (FMPSL) file.
Save Records As Snapshot Link [“<output filename>”; Records being browsed/Current record]
Select Specify output file or click Specify to display the Specify Output File dialog box, and enter the path of the snapshot link. Click Add File and choose the folder to save the file to, or type the path directly in the list. Specify one path per line. FileMaker Pro will use the first path it locates. See Creating file paths. You can also select Create email with file as attachment to create a blank email with the snapshot link as an attachment.
For Specify, choose Records being browsed (to save the entire found set of records), or Current record (to save only the current record).
Where the script step runs 
FileMaker Pro 
FileMaker Server scheduled script 
FileMaker Go 
Custom Web Publishing 
Instant Web Publishing 
Runtime solution 
Originated in 
FileMaker Pro 11.0
This script step operates in all modes except Find mode.
To send a snapshot link file via SMTP, use the Send Mail script step with the snapshot link file as an attachment, and place it after the Save Records As Snapshot Link script step in the script.
Use this script step with the Get(TemporaryPath) function to save the snapshot link file to a temporary location, if you do not need to store the file locally. If you use Get(TemporaryPath) to form a file path, first assign it to a variable, then use the variable in the Specify Output File dialog box. See Creating file paths.
Save Records As Snapshot Link [“Library.fmpsl”; Current record]
The following script finds records, saves them as a snapshot link, and then emails the file via SMTP as an attachment to conference attendees.
Perform Find [Restore]
Save Records As Snapshot Link ["DigitalMedia.fmpsl"; Create email; Records being browsed]
Send Mail [Send via SMTP Server; To: "Attendees"; Subject: "New Digital Media"; Message: "Here’s the information I promised to send you."; “DigitalMedia.fmpsl”]
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