Protecting databases
You can restrict what users can see and do in a database file by defining accounts and privilege sets. For example, you can:
Give certain users full access to a file, which allows them to define tables, fields, relationships, data sources, and access privileges for other users
You can also control access to a file’s schema (including its tables, layouts, scripts, and value lists).
Although your operating system includes file security features, you should use FileMaker Pro access privileges as the fundamental way to control access to and protect the security of your database files.
It’s especially important to protect FileMaker Pro files that are shared with other FileMaker Pro users via the FileMaker Network, with web users via Instant Web Publishing, and with ODBC/JDBC clients. These shared files are more vulnerable because they may be more widely available over your network.
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About protecting databases
Creating and managing accounts
Creating and managing privilege sets
Managing extended privileges
Opening files protected with passwords
Authorizing access to files