Exporting repeating field data
Some file formats (such as DBF) can interpret only one value per field and do not support repeating fields. When you export to these formats, only the first value in a repeating field is exported. An alert message warns you if you’re exporting repeating fields to a file format that supports only the first value.
Although you can export repeating fields to XML, if you export related fields that repeat, only the first value in each related repeating field is exported.
You can work around these limitations by following these steps.
To export repeating field values into formats that don’t support repeating fields:
In the FileMaker Pro file, find the records you want to export.
For information about finding records, see Finding records.
Make a clone of the file to export.
For information about cloning files, see Saving and copying files.
Open the clone, then import the data from the original file.
In the Additional Import Options dialog box, select Splitting them into separate records, then click OK.
For more information see Exporting data from FileMaker Pro.