Closing windows and files
You can close FileMaker Pro windows and files as you would in most Windows and Mac OS applications. FileMaker Pro saves changes as you work and whenever you close a file.
For information on how to quit FileMaker Pro, see Quitting FileMaker Pro.
To close a window:
Mac OS: Click the red close button in the upper-left corner of the document window.
Choose File menu > Close.
To close a file:
Use the procedures above to close all the open windows for a file.
Even if you close a file, it may remain open as a hidden file if the window of any other file is displaying data from that file. (For example, another window may be displaying related data from the file you attempted to close.) FileMaker Pro will close the file when you close all the dependent windows.
If you are hosting a shared file that is being accessed by one or more clients, those clients must close the file before you can close the file.
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