Opening files troubleshooting
<Filename> is damaged and cannot be opened.
See Maintaining and recovering FileMaker Pro databases.
<Filename> is currently in use and could not be opened. The file is single-user, or the host could not be found on the network.
All clients should access shared databases by choosing File menu > Open and clicking Remote or by choosing File menu > Open Remote. Do not try to open a shared file directly on its server through the networking features of your operating system. For more information, see Working with shared files as a client.
I forgot my account name or password.
FileMaker Customer Support cannot retrieve lost or forgotten account names and passwords. If the file is shared, contact the owner of the file, who may be able to provide the information. For more information, see Creating and managing accounts.
I want to enter a different account name or password but the file doesn’t ask me.
Hold down Shift (Windows) or Option (Mac OS) when opening the file.
I’m having problems converting a file to the current FileMaker Pro format.
Try recovering the file first using the version of FileMaker Pro used to save the file. A file that displays consistency check or auto-repair messages on opening should be recovered before converting it. If you are converting a copy of a file, make sure that the file is closed before it is copied. Otherwise, it will not convert correctly. Also try checking the Conversion.log. For more information about converting files, see Converting files from FileMaker Pro 11 and earlier.
It took a long time for a file to open.
FileMaker Pro may have detected a consistency problem with the file and performed a consistency check. This process can cause a file to take longer than usual to open. Once the file opens, try saving and then reopening it. You can perform a consistency check on a file that you suspect is damaged, and you can choose which components you want FileMaker Pro to recover in a damaged file. For more information about checking file consistency and recovering files, see About recovering FileMaker Pro files.
I received a consistency check or auto-repair message when I opened a file.
Common causes of file damage are the file was closed improperly and hard disk failure (in which the operating system cannot read parts of the file). Try recovering the file.