Adding and viewing data

There are many ways to view and work with data in a FileMaker Pro database:

  • view records in a database
  • add, duplicate, and delete records
  • add and edit data in fields
  • work with text in fields
  • work with audio and video files in fields

Working with records in Browse mode

After you create a database file and define tables and fields, you can start entering data. Each set of fields is called a record.

Example of records, field data, and field labels

You work with the data in your records in Browse mode. You can view, add, change, omit, or delete records in your database. FileMaker Pro saves the changes you make to your file as you work. If you’ve entered data in a record but haven’t yet saved it, you can also revert the record back to its previously saved state.

Your database can contain multiple layouts that display your data in different ways. If your database has several layouts, you can choose a different one from the Layout pop-up menu.