iOS App SDK 19 Guide

Important:Claris International Inc. does not recommend or support using the App Store to distribute apps created with iOS App SDK. Use the Apple Developer Enterprise Program to distribute your iOS apps.

Introducing iOS App SDK


Building an iOS app from your FileMaker custom app

Before you begin

Step 1: Install Xcode and add your Apple ID account

Step 2: Download and open iOS App SDK

Step 3: Use iOS App SDK to create a project directory

Step 4: Add your custom app files to the Xcode project

Step 5: Modify configFile.txt

Step 6: Create images and add them to the Xcode project

Step 7: Update the information for accessing external media

Step 8: Enable iCloud capabilities

Step 9: Specify the version and build number

Step 10: Specify a URL scheme for your app

Step 11: Build and test your app

Invoking a FileMaker script from your Objective-C or Swift code

FMX_Queue_Script function

Considerations for launching your app

Considerations for launching your app