FileMaker WebDirect 18 Guide

Introducing FileMaker WebDirect

FileMaker WebDirect is a FileMaker® client, used with FileMaker Server or a FileMaker Cloud product, that enables users to interact with your custom apps on the web. You create custom apps using FileMaker Pro Advanced and then host, manage, and configure your apps using FileMaker Server or a FileMaker Cloud product.

Security is important when you publish data on the web. Review the security guidelines in FileMaker Security Guide, FileMaker Pro Advanced Help, FileMaker Server Help, and FileMaker Cloud product documentation in the Product Documentation Center.

For information about the minimum hardware and software requirements, see the FileMaker Server system requirements.

About this guide

About FileMaker WebDirect

How FileMaker WebDirect works

Connecting through the Internet or an intranet

Designing a FileMaker WebDirect solution

Step 1: Plan your FileMaker WebDirect solution

Step 2: Understand the capabilities of FileMaker WebDirect

Step 3: Optimize performance

Step 4: Design layouts for mobile browsers

Step 5: Hide the menu bar and status toolbar

Step 6: Set up tasks for web users

Step 7: Enable users to close the file

Step 8: Review the functions, scripts, and script triggers in your solution

Step 9: Set up external data sources

Publishing a FileMaker WebDirect solution

Sharing a FileMaker WebDirect solution

FileMaker WebDirect settings in Admin Console

Opening a FileMaker WebDirect solution

Design considerations

Some aspects of FileMaker Pro Advanced solutions behave differently on the web. Consider the following information as you design your solution.


Maximum number of connections

Mobile browsers


Panel controls


Button bars

Web viewers

Borders and padding

Hidden conditions

Tab order

Multifile solutions

Multiple-machine deployments