FileMaker Server 18 Installation and Configuration Guide


About FileMaker Server

Requirements for Admin Console

Supported client applications

About the license certificate

Where to go from here

Installation quick start (single-machine deployment)

Before you install FileMaker Server

Considering performance

Installing FileMaker Server on a single machine

Next steps

Deploying FileMaker Server across multiple machines

About using multiple machines

Master machine components

Worker machine components

Deployment options

Installing on multiple machines

Installation notes

Next steps

Testing your deployment

Testing overview

Using FileMaker WebDirect

Using FileMaker Pro Advanced


Administering FileMaker Server

Admin Console overview

Starting Admin Console

Uploading databases

Encrypting databases

Backing up databases

Understanding startup restoration

Hosting databases connected to ODBC data sources

Enabling ODBC data source single sign-on (Windows)

Running server-side scripts

Viewing system statistics

Viewing server and client statistics

Sending messages to FileMaker clients

Downloading log files in Admin Console

Emailing notifications

Using the command line interface

Upgrading or moving an existing installation


Step 1. Save your schedules

Step 2. Note your FileMaker Server settings

Step 3. Stop FileMaker Server

Step 4. Make a copy of databases, scripts, and plug-ins

Step 5. Uninstall FileMaker Server

Step 6. Clear the Java cache and web browser cache

Step 7. Install FileMaker Server 18

Step 8. Move files to the proper location

Step 9. Load your schedules

Step 10. Configure your deployment

Upgrading the operating system on machines running FileMaker Server

Setting up the web server

Web server overview

Requesting an SSL certificate

Enabling the IIS web server in Windows

Using the Apache web server in macOS

Optimizing your FileMaker Server deployment


Selecting the right hardware

Setting up and configuring the operating system

Considering database performance

Monitoring FileMaker Server

Additional resources

Product documentation

Customer Support and Knowledge Base

Check for software updates